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Biochar , What is it?

Simply put, biochar is a highly adsorbent, specially-produced charcoal originally used as a soil amendment. Scientists theorize biochar was first used in the Amazon Basin thousands of years ago where extensive regions of dark, highly fertile soil known as terra preta were discovered, revealing high concentrations of biochar and organic matter.

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Natures Science of Zeolites

These are naturally occurring types of minerals, although because of their usefulness as molecular sieves they can now be artificially produced. In their natural form they are aluminosilicates, which are normal silicate minerals containing aluminum. The structure is such that these minerals can loosely bind positive charged ions, usually sodium.

They act as ion-exchangers and 'swap' their sodium ions, for other positively charged ions, for example calcium or ammonium. So they are often used for water softening to remove hardness-forming calcium ions. Fish keepers can make use of this unusual characteristic and employ them to remove ammonia (or more strictly ammonium - NH4+) from the water.

BenefitsAll-naturalSafe for fish and plantsQuickly removes ammonia through absorptionRechargeable for multiple usesRemoves other dissolved organic compoundsImproves water qualitySpeeds nitrificationWill not affect pH




There is now a Fun Page, were you can down load a Gift Certificate, play games.

"Creating tranquil environments through the sight and sound of water"

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